Sunday smatterings


If all goes according to plan, I should have woken up in Kentucky today. I’ve spent the long weekend moving my mother to her new place, and now I must make the long drive home. Hardly enuf free time to visit all of the old idyllic summer boyhood haunts I wanted to, but I plan to go back.


It will be three weeks at the shortest between my trips to Roundrock. Given all of the snow we’ve had, plus the cold temperatures, I may have to hike in some of the way next time I’m down there since I don’t think the two miles of gravel road will have cleared. I’ve gotten contradictory reports from down that way. #1 Son at school in southern Missouri reported that they didn’t get much snow at all. Another blogger friend in that area says she got ten inches of snow.


The New Year’s edition of the Festival of the Trees is up now over at xenogere. Be sure to head over there and get your year started with some arboreal goodness.

We’re always on the prowl for hosts, and the slot on June 1 is open if you’ve been considering it. Soon the Festival of the Trees will reach its fourth anniversary. If you visit the coordinating blog you can learn more about how to host as well as see a comprehensive list of the past hosts (including yours truly a couple of times) so you can have a peek at how others have approached it.


Amy and Josh are building a cabin in Missouri. Their blog had been quiet for many months, but they’ve begun posting again, giving lots of photos of their progress.


They say that Border Collies use their eyes to control sheep by staring them down. Flike’s eyes certainly are the most expressive thing about him, as you can see above. (There’s Queequeg on the right, sitting in his soft bed that Libby insisted he needed, and which he has kindly been using.)


I’m told that my posts on the RSS feed come up alternately as full text and as previews. I don’t know how to set that or if I should change it. Do you have an opinion?

Missouri calendar:

  • Quadrantid meteor shower peaks.

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