All burned up


Remember those Maria Mancini ceegars I wrote about way back when? (The ceegar that was so bad I smoked a second one!) They were terrible, and I had no intention of smoking the remaining three I still had. So they rode around in the truck since last March. I kept intending to toss them into our next campfire, but we just didn’t have any campfires the whole summer.

I’m not sure why that was. Certainly we had enuf rain through the summer to keep the forest safe enuf for a controlled fire in a ring. And we went to the woods several times with the intention of having a fire to cook our wieners for lunch. But we never did. Libby kept asking when we’d have a fire, but circumstances always got in the way (or I was to reluctant to bring fire into the forest).

But when were were last out in the forest, with #2 Son, we happened to have an old wooden pallet with us that needed reducing to ash, so we got some tinder and kindling together. #2 Son kindly smashed up the pallet with a sledge hammer, and with one match got the fire going. We collected some building scrap from the cabin as well and tossed it in. Once we had a good, rolling flame going, I retrieved the old ceegars from the truck and tossed them on, as you see above.

They burned unremarkably. I thought I might smell ceegar smoke in the air, but I never did. So now I am rid of those crazy ceegars.

Oh, we also put these on the fire:



And finally, Happy Birthday, Wayne!

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7 Responses to “All burned up”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Ha! You’re so good.

    Now did those grilled treats smell of ceegar?

  2. Pablo Says:

    Wayne, fortunately, they did not.

  3. LauraP Says:

    Okay, now I’m hungry.

  4. robin andrea Says:

    Hey, thanks for reminding me that it’s Wayne’s birthday.

  5. FC Says:

    Happy Birthday Wayne!

  6. Walter Jeffries Says:

    You combine the meanings of smoking… I told someone this summer that I wanted to learn to smoke. She gave me a very funny look. I quickly explained I meant I wanted to learn to smoke hams and bacon. Er, not in a pipe! Oh, I give up. 🙂 I hope that your ‘smoked’ meat was good! 🙂

  7. Beau Says:

    I wondered the same thing… ceegar flavored pork! Looks great though…

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