Eager interlopers

I’ve known for a long time that I have interlopers in my woods at Roundrock. I’ve often seen signs of them when I visit: matted grass and tire tracks left in the mud, rearranged things, and at this time of the year, photos of strange trucks taken by the game cameras.

And I know that hunters are avid about finding great spots for hunting deer. So it isn’t surprising to me to find some pix of interloping trucks on the game cameras, but this has to be the strangest truck I’ve ever seen make its way into my woods during deer season:

big truck

The road needs improvement; it’s especially bad in some places, and a big machine like that can turn an otherwise passable bit of road into a bowl of gumbo, which it did. The road across my neighbor’s pasture is a rutted mess on a dry day, but now it is a sloppy, rutted mess, best taken at a run just so you can plow through on momentum. The nimble Prolechariot made it through, but Pablo can dither no longer. I must hire someone to repair the road, get some loads of gravel delivered, and spread it around. All I need is money and some sustained dry weather.

I don’t suppose the fellow driving that truck above surprised any deer, arriving in that big, noisy thing.

Also, sadly, the game camera I had set up at the entrance was pointed too much at the sky, as you can see, so I didn’t get many good shots from it. The other camera, deeper in the forest did snap 122 photos, and some of them are even worth posting.

Missouri calendar:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Red admiral butterflies search for overwintering sites.

7 Responses to “Eager interlopers”

  1. FC Says:

    Well, he could have at least dropped some cement into those road ruts.

  2. Walter Jeffries Says:

    Huh! A concrete truck. Cleaning out?

  3. bev Says:

    Used to have weird things like that happen at our farm when we were at work. We’d arrive home to find a big mess in the yard or field where some vehicle had driven around. We finally put up some locked gates on all of our lanes and that helped a lot. Still had people driving ATVs into the back of our land though.

  4. Seth Says:

    I would have guessed honey wagon or propane truck.

  5. Beau Says:

    Yes, looks like a cement or propane truck… probably a turned around driver. I get more folks coming down our drive trying to figure out where they are… in your case, a gate would work wonders. And… Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Ed Says:

    Cement trucks have always been my choice of vehicle for hunting deer. It is the only tree stand you can strap yourself too and as it rotates, get a shot at deer front of you, behind you, beneath you and even above you. It also allowed me to fill the hopper full of rock shining materials and polish up them round rocks that I collected as ballast during the drive out.

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