Long black tube


A long time ago, when I first started planting pines in the former Blackberry Corner, I bought this length of black corrugated pipe. My intention was to cut it into short pieces and put them around the tiny pine seedlings to protect them from marauding critters. Somehow I lost the momentum on that project; I never cut the tube into pieces, and it was pushed to the perimeter of the Pine Plantation.

Over the years, the grass tried to claim the pipe for its own. So did a number of gnawing critters. The tank interlopers chews up a bit of it too. (Don’t know what happened to the pix in that post.) But when Libby and I had a use for it at the other end of Roundrock, we went in search of it. To find it, we had to poke around in the grass and blackberries for a while, but Libby eventually found it. Then we had to extract it. This took a lot of tugging and grunting, ripping it free of the grasping grass. You can see how long it is, now imagine yanking all of that out of tough prairie grass.

Then we had to get it from the Pine Plantation to the shelter tarp area. The solution was obvious. I simply tied it to the back of the truck and drove there, dragging the tube behind us. Simple.

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