View to the lake


I mentioned in a recent post about how we are clearing some paths through the trees with the hope that they will draw breezes through the shady tarp. This is the view from the tarp down to the lake.

The scrubby growth you see before the lake is actually either a bit of aromatic sumac I need to remove (attempt to remove, remove temporarily) or else it is the top of one of the trees that formerly rose in this spot. I ran out of time on our last visit (the lake was beckoning) to finish cutting up those trees and dragging their tops into the forest.

That bright area you see across the lake is where the dam builder found the best clay soil. He scraped that area thoroughly, leaving a sticky, muddy goo behind that almost never dries completely. It’s only been in the last year or so that anything has started to grow there. I worried about the sticky, muddy goo washing into the lake, but then I realized it would probably help seal the bottom and the dam a bit, so I never tried any planting or seeding there. I’m tempted to now, though I’ll take your recommendation of what would grow in sticky, muddy goo. I think the soil is thick with an orange clay. (That’s where we saw the bear.)

The object you see in the lower left foreground of the photo is the edge of the portable aluminum table we sometimes take with us to the woods. Generally we just use our cooler as our lunch table before the comfy chairs, but I wanted to bring it along last time as a sort of workbench, in case the chainsaw needed some attention.

Missouri calendar:

  • Look for flocks of purple martins gathering for migration.

3 Responses to “View to the lake”

  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook Says:

    Now, will this be the view from the front porch too?
    Sigh….it’s a lovely view.

  2. Pablo Says:

    Porch? If we ever raise a (real) cabin at Roundrock, this would be the place it would go, but that hasn’t happened, so instead of a shady porch we have the shady tarp.

  3. Beau Says:

    Beautiful view… that sits up quite a bit too it looks like. I can really see a cabin or small home there.

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