Sunday ramblings


Storms have been rumbling through the area in recent days. With family in town for the holiday weekend we weren’t going to have the chance to go to Roundrock¬† this weekend. Next weekend is claimed by others too, so at least three weeks will pass between trips to the woods. Too long.


Above is an artwork on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is welded stainless steel in a nightmarish treelike form that sprawled all over the museum rooftop. The artist is Roxy Paine.


The 37th Edition of the Festival of the Trees is now up for your scrutiny over at TGAW. This edition looks at the amazing endurance of trees in a wide range of hostile conditions. Most interesting, perhaps, is the threat trees face from sharks!

The next Festival of the Trees will be hosted by Arati Krishnamoorthy of the Trees, Plants and More blog in Chennai, India. Arati is open to all sorts of submissions but is especially interested in links to fruiting trees. You can send your links to ringsofsilver09 (at) gmail (dot) com. The deadline is July 28.


The Nature Blog Network will soon complete its plans to take over the world, now approaching 1,000 members — all nature blogs of one sort or another. (They may have surpassed that milestone in the moments since I wrote this.) There are some changes afoot at NBN though. First of all, members in their toplist who have not added the tracking code to their own blogs are going to be deleted from NBN. The site will also be adding two much-requested features: a map of blog locations around the world and an events calendar.


Remember that The Clade is always interested in contributions of environmental journalism from folks like you. “Environmental” is broadly defined, and so is “journalism” so if you have some information or insights you’d like to share, consider contributing to The Clade. is a journal of the built and natural environments that is also interested in your contributions. Have a look.

Missouri calendar:

  • Black-eye Susans bloom.

3 Responses to “Sunday ramblings”

  1. FC Says:

    Perhaps the evergrowing Natureblognetwork should have been named NatureBLOBnetwork!!!!

    Run for your lives!! It lives and it’s getting bigger every day!!

  2. oldwhitelady Says:

    Storms have been rumbling around here, for days, too. At least I don’t have to water the plants. When you go to Roundrock, do the ticks fall on you from the trees?

  3. Pablo Says:

    FC – And like other invaders, they are always adapting.
    OWL – The don’t fall from trees, but they are in the grass and scrub, waiting for us to brush past.

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