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Lovely, sunny, warm day, but unless something last-minute has happened, I’m not down at Roundrock enjoying the weather and the woods. Alas!


This just in!


For those of you who cannot get enuf Missouri blogging goodness, I have two more sites to share with you. MObugs is about, well, the insects of the great state of Missouri. Shelly, the proprietor of this blog, lives on a farm near Savannah, Missouri, which is in the northwest part of the state. It’s different from the Ozarks of the south, but when you visit her blog you’ll see that there’s no shortage of natural wonders where she is. (The loess hills up that way are astonishing.) Shelly includes links to several buggy blogs, including a couple you can see in my sidebar too.

Another blog you may like is Explore Missouri, which also sends its greetings from northwest Missouri. Curiously, the woman who writes this blog has the same name as the one who writes MObugs. Why is that, do you suppose?


Lest you were worried that you wouldn’t have Roundrock Journal to kick around any more, I can report that I just renewed my ownership of the domain name for another two years. As I’ve stated now and then, I enjoy writing this blog, and I do it as much for myself as for you, gentle reader. So let’s continue the journey together.


“Resistance is futile.” Those were the winning words in a contest held on the blog of the son of one of the blogs in my sidebar. I didn’t know it when I wrote those words that they would win me a prize, but they did. I now have a very nice wall calendar showing some of the natural wonders and achievements of the blogger and his family. Thanks for the prize!


I really need to figure out how to give myself a Google name or a WordPress name. So many blogs won’t let me comment unless I have one of these identifiers, and I don’t want anyone to think I am not visiting. Ought to be a simple thing to do — setting up these names — but I think inertia is winning.


It’s not too early to begin sending in your links for the next Festival of the Trees. The April 1 edition will be hosted by Seabrooke Leckie of The Marvelous in Nature, which is a wonderful blog blending art and science (as a poet once said). Seabrooke (she of the beautiful blue eyes) has set of deadline of March 30 for submissions. You can send them to sanderling (at) symbiotic (dot) ca. Be sure to put “Festival of the Trees” in your subject line. And, of course, you can use the handy online submission form as well.

And while you’re waiting for the next edition to come up, be sure to visit the latest over at local ecologist!


If you’ve read this far and still can’t get enuf Missouri goodness, why don’t you surf over to the Missouri Preservation site. This organization is devoted to increasing awareness of historic buildings in Missouri that are in danger of being lost (and in some cases raising funds to preserve them). I know some of these sites.

  • Fairfax – I must have driven past this site hundreds of times in my St. Louis life, yet I have no memory of ever seeing it.
  • 18th and Vine District – This is part of the jazz district in Kansas City, and I’m happy to report that the area has been brought back to vibrant life since those photos were taken. It’s one of the places out-of-town visitors always want to see.
  • The Rotunda – I can remember going to see musicals at this building in Hermann, Missouri in my younger days. Sad to see that it’s fallen on hard times. The last time I was in Hermann (half a dozen years ago), the Rotunda looked about like this.
  • Odd Fellows Home – I think my friend White Rabbit may have visited this place.
  • Meramec Highlands – Another memory from my St. Louis days. I had a friend who was much enamored of this building and the whole history around it, and he took me stomping about here one day. We were probably trespassing.

Missouri calendar:

  • Raise purple martin houses today.

3 Responses to “Sunday rambles”

  1. Bill Says:

    The MO Preservation site is a good one, thanks.

    I revisited Crescent (across the Meramec from Times Beach) recently and saw that the home where, I’ve been told, Meriwether Lewis stayed for a time (his brother’s home?) had been demolished. So there is no longer a Lewis home on Lewis Rd. Later I walked to the flint quarry on a high hill with a commanding view of the the Meramec both coming and going. It’s a source of innumerable Clovis points. There is a freshly erected power line supplying new golf courses and homes running right through the quarry with a pole planted right in the middle of the quarry. A bull-dozed path cuts through a berm of waste chert flakes and though the quarry. “Git ‘er done!” is the motto of the day, I guess.

  2. FC Says:

    “Inertiadude” could be your new google handle.

  3. Beau Says:

    Interesting tidbits- thanks. I need to find a general use name too..

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