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This is an old photo that I had scanned so I could present it here. I always liked this little scene. The fern had found a place to root in the rotten knot of a small tree that had fallen across a dry stream bed.

This photo is from Fallen Timbers. The ravines there are much more dramatic and much deeper than the ones at Roundrock. That means that they are cooler and wetter and thus can support thicker growths of ferns. This isn’t a thicker growth though. This is just a cute little one-act tale of the persistence of life and the niches it manages to fill.

This photo is from five or more years ago. Oddly, I haven’t been back to this particular part of Fallen Timbers since then to see how the fern is doing. I don’t know why. I’ve been close, but I’ve never diverted my steps here again. This is in the bottom of an east/west ravine near our eastern border. It’s a lovely spot, actually, and I suppose if I made more visits, I might find more little scenes like this one to share.

5 Responses to “Opportunity”

  1. Floridacracker Says:

    Ferns are pretty opportunistic. I have some in my gutter right now. I’m afraid they won’t get a chance to reach their potential.

  2. Rexroth's Daughter Says:

    That a pretty one for sure, Pablo. Those dark wet places where the ferns grow always remind me of the redwood forests of the California coast. Very nice.

  3. travis Says:

    right on Pablo!

  4. travis Says:

    well put Pablo

  5. oldwhitelady Says:

    I like ferns. The placement on that one is pretty neat. It’s interesting to see where plants end when they sew their seeds.

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