Well shod


Swimming in our lake at Roundrock has grown even more pleasurable this year because of how we now shod our feet. Libby gave me these water booties as a gift this year after I had given her a pair. We acquired them in the winter, so we faced several months of anticipation and apprehension as we waited for our first chance to use them.

We got them at a dive shop in Kansas City. A coworker had worn them to the office when she dressed as a scuba diver for Halloween, and I asked her where I could get a pair. What I like about them was that they have hard soles. Most aqua socks I have seen have soft soles, and that would not work on the rocky Ozark ground.

Though they are ample sized for our feet, they fit snugly around our ankles, thus keeping out pebbles and other debris in the lake. The old high-top sneakers I used to wear never stayed snug, and when I took them off after our swims, I could usually pour out a few rocks along with lots of water.

So along with being caressed by the warm lake waters and being washed of the sweat, grime, and pests when we swim, we can wade with comfort. The right tool for the job.

Missouri calendar:

  • The Missouri Natural Events Calendar is blank for today.

Today in Missouri history:

  • William Clarke Quantrill was born on this date in 1837. Considered one of the bloodiest, most ruthless leaders of anti-Union forces (he was never formally a part of the Confederate military), he made repeated raids back and forth across the Missouri/Kansas border. He died in a skirmish with Union forces in Kentucky, but more than forty years after the war, when a crazed old man in Canada claimed that he was Quantrill, citizens from Lawrence, Kansas traveled there and killed him just to be sure.

4 Responses to “Well shod”

  1. Ed Abbey Says:

    My swimwear of choice for feet are Tevas.

  2. FC Says:

    Shoes for swimming?
    Dive shops in Kansas?

  3. Walter Jeffries Says:

    Nice looking shoes. This winter we discovered Muck boots (a brand name) which look like similar construction and have been very pleased with them. Boots rather than shoes. I would to have a shoe along the same design so I’ll look out for these.

  4. robin andrea Says:

    Those look a little like the booties that Roger and I wore when we would go boogie boarding in the ocean. Snug around the ankles is such a good thing, and a tough sole makes even the gnarliest of surfaces easy to walk on, dude. (Whoops slipped into surfer talk!)

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