Round rocks

round rock.jpg

I have been told that I don’t feature my round rocks enuf on this humble blog. I suppose with the waves and waves of new readers that come by here (/sarcasm) there are always people who don’t know about them and think this blog is about some place in Texas.

Well, unlike that place in Texas, which has only one round rock that doesn’t even look all that round, I have hundreds of round rocks. They come in all sizes, from as small as a golf ball to larger than a bowling ball. Many of them seem perfectly round while others are egg shaped. We’ve found a few that seem to be cojoined and have peculiar shapes, including one Libby calls the platypus skull. Some are smooth while many are pocked and pitted like the surface of the moon. Some have eroded to expose their shale core, which has quickly eroded away, leaving a hollow within the round rock.

My round rocks have an extra-terrestrial origin, too. They are not from outer space, but they were created by a visitor from there. A meteor strike in the area hundreds of millions of years ago in the shallow sea that covered the area at the time created a mineral rich soup in which the round rocks congealed.

I’ve given away a few of my precious round rocks, but it’s felt like giving away my own children. I suppose I could do it again, but maybe not.

Missouri calendar:

  • Wild plums ripen.

Today in Missouri history:

  • Governor Thomas Crittenden offered a $5000 reward for the arrest and conviction of members of the Jesse James gang in 1881.

3 Responses to “Round rocks”

  1. wren Says:

    Have you considered opening an outdoor bowling alley?

  2. Mungo Says:

    If you squint, and kinda turn your head to the left, I can see Elvis in profile on the right side of that round rock.

    Or wait – maybe the Queen of England – it’s hard to see from this angle.

    Ha – made you look… :-)


  3. Susannah Says:

    Hey, I didn’t know. And I’m one of your loyal readers, have been for some time now.

    (Well, maybe I missed a day or two.)

    I used to live on a side-hill where the cut-away face kept dropping out round rocks like these, some with hollow centres. I wondered how they got that way.

    Maybe your explanation works for them, too.

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