Pink flower of mystery


I thought I’d have no trouble identifying this pink flower. So distinct, so pretty, it had to be on the website I visit or in one of the many guide books I have. But I haven’t had any luck.

It grows happily on the fringe of the pecan plantation below the dam. The soil is not very good where it is growing, but the area has remained wet or at least moist most of the spring and early summer. It was the only one of its kind I saw in the area, so maybe I caught it at the beginning or end of its growing season. My thought is that the photo doesn’t show the petals (sepals?) in their full open position. Maybe that is why I can’t find a match for it.

My best guess is that it might be related to Sabatia angularis , commonly known as rosepink. Thank plant does like marshy ground on the edges of meadows.

Next time I’m at Roundrock, I intend to return to this spot and see if there are any more like it.

Missouri calendar:

  • The Missouri Natural Events Calendar is blank for today.

Today in Missouri history:

  • Henry Shaw was born on this date in 1800. After becoming a wealthy tradesman in St. Louis, he retired at the age of 40 and began work on a public garden at his estate outside the city. Today the work is known as the Missouri Botanical Garden, and it is considered one of the finest in the world.

One Response to “Pink flower of mystery”

  1. kerrdelune Says:

    Greetings, this one looks like the wildflower called “Prairie Rose Gentian, “Meadow Pink” or “Texas Star”. I’d have to have a closer look at it to be sure though.

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