Firewood at hand


One of our tasks when we were out at Roundrock last weekend was to get our firewood off of the ground. Over the years we’ve made dozens of piles of firewood directly on the ground. With the exception of the cedar, all of this wood quickly rots into a pulpy lump that’s no good in the fire. (Nor is cedar very desirable in our fires since it pops and snaps and sends embers into the leaves beyond the fire ring.)

Seth had taken down a tree in our campsite area a month or so before, and he had cut it into nice lengths that we then stacked on the ground. Meanwhile, back at home in the basement we had this old wood rack sitting idle and unloved. In one of those mysterious moments that visit me too infrequently, I thought that perhaps we could take the rack out to the forest and use it to store our firewood off of the ground. Two purposes would be served. We’d get the wood off of the ground, of course, but we’d also get another piece of stuff out of our frighteningly packed basement.

You can see that the rack is no longer in its prime. The bottom struts are cracked, giving the ring an egg shape, which is actually kind of pleasing to look at.

I need to bring the sledge and wedge out to the woods so I can split some of those thicker logs. I ought to do it soon so the wood can age better. But then I think about the heat and humidity of the coming summer and how unpleasant that work will be. So instead I just sit in the comfy chair and look at the wood in the rack, thinking in abstractions about the work that needs to be done.

Missouri calendar:

  • Catfish fry leave nests.
  • Eastern kingbirds nest and defent territories fiercely.

Today in Missouri history:

  • Samuel Hawken arrived in St. Louis on this date in 1822. Soon after, he and his brother began manufacturing the Hawken rifle, a sturdy, reliable, and powerful instrument suited to the settling of the west.
  • The American Bullfrog became the official state amphibian on this date in 2005.

3 Responses to “Firewood at hand”

  1. Mark Says:

    It’s hard to think about cutting firewood when it’s 90+ outside, but there it is.

  2. FC Says:

    This may be the only one like it in all the woods of Misery.

  3. momadness Says:

    Hey-that turned out to be a good idea. And at least you got it out of your basement, to the woods and filled with wood. There will come a time when you will just have to buckle up and cut some of the bigger pieces but think of the progress you made already just getting it all set up. And it probaby will be hot and humid. Can’t get away from that in summer in Mo.

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