I’m not sure what brought down this oak branch. It may have suffered from the ice storm last December, but I think I would have come across it before now. Or it might have come down in some of the heavy winds we’ve had this spring.

The branches block our path up from the lake to our shelter. By the time we’ve hiked this far around the lake, we’re simply too ready to sit in the comfy chairs, so we never pause with the hand saws to cut the branches and clear our path. One of these days, we should hike around the lake going the other direction so we can come to this fresh and ready to saw.

When the branch fell, it only grazed the birdhouse you see there. I don’t think any bird lives in it, though it is filled with some soft fibers. I think a flying squirrel may use it as a temporary headquarters or something.

I pushed the branch clear of the house so it will hang properly. Maybe next time I’ll really cut the branch. Maybe.


I apologize if you were disappointed not to find a Saturday Matinee here today. I didn’t shoot any video when I was last out at Roundrock. Maybe next time. Maybe.

Missouri calendar:

  • The Missouri Natural Events Calendar is blank for today.

Today in Missouri history:

  • Senator Thomas Hart Benton’s daughter, Jessie, was born on this date in 1824. At 17, and to her father’s stern objection, she married John Fremont, who would gain renown as an explorer of the West.
  • The Missouri mule is designated as the official state animal in 1995.
  • The square dance was adopted as Missouri’s official American folk dance in 1995.

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  1. Rurality Says:

    Maybe the birds thought it was an earthquake and moved out…

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