Peregrine update


I had feared that Peregrine, our traveling log, may have made an escape from the lake. A month or so ago when we were at Roundrock, Peregrine was up on the spillway, and I think a good rainstorm would have flushed enuf water across it to push the log down the spillway and into the grandly named pecan plantation (such as it is).

Seth and I wrestled the log into the water, and using the long-handled shovel, I nudged it out into the deeper water. When last we saw Peregrine, it was drifting slowly toward the center of the lake.

When we next returned to Roundrock, I couldn’t find Peregrine anywhere. We’d certainly had some heavy rains in the interim, and I feared that the log had finally gone over the spillway.

On our last visit to the woods, however, I found Peregrine perched in the muddy area across the lake, almost in the very same spot it had sat for several years during the lake’s drier periods. I don’t know why it has come ashore there twice now. Maybe there is something in the wind or the currents in the water that tend it that direction.

It’s almost swimming weather, and I intend to fetch Peregrine and nudge it all the way across the lake to the area below our shelter. The slope of land there is a bit steeper, so Peregrine may not get left on land as the water recedes. I’ll be sure to let you know.

Missouri calendar:

  • Young beavers emerge from lodges.

Today in Missouri history:

  • Missouri farm boy, Zack Wheat, the best outfielder the Brooklyn Dodgers ever had, was born on this date in 1888.
  • The paddlefish became Missouri’s official aquatic animal in 1997.
  • The channel catfish is officially designated the Missouri state fish in 1997.

3 Responses to “Peregrine update”

  1. cedrorum Says:

    I think peregrine wants to be a house for amphibians. It wants to be dragged into the woods.

  2. FC Says:

    Logs always return to spawn at the same beach where they were hatched.
    Clearly, Peregrine is a female.

  3. Hugh Says:

    Peregrine is a fine log. Such spirit!

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