I’m not sure whose bones these are. They are obviously the backbone of some critter, about the size of an opossum. Could this be from an armadillo? We came upon these along the lake shore, not far from a den hole that had been freshly dug out last fall.

If they were from a dillo, though, I’d expect to see some of the plating too. Could it be some space alien?

I’m taking suggestions, so don’t be shy.

Missouri calendar:

  • Green sunfish and bluegill begin nesting.
  • Antlers begin to grow on white-tailed deer bucks.

Today in Missouri history:

  • “The Great Emigration,” a party of more than 120 wagons, leaves Elm Grove in western Missouri in 1843 for Oregon.
  • “The Joplin Ghost” Horton Smith was born on this date in 1908. A pioneer of the professional golf circuit, he was the first to win the Masters tournament and went on to win most major awards in the sport.
  • Kansas City “Boss” Tom Pendergast was sentenced to fifteen months in federal penitentiary for income tax evasion in 1939.

6 Responses to “Backbone”

  1. Ed Abbey Says:

    I’m not an expert either but I’d say that it is definitely opossum. I can pick out the upper next bones in your pictures and I didn’t see that in any images google provided of armadillo skeletons.

  2. Ed Abbey Says:

    next = neck

  3. Mark Says:

    Tentacle bones of the Missouri rock octopus?

  4. roger Says:

    can’t be aliens. they evaporate when they die.

  5. FC Says:

    Did you look for a green card?

  6. cedrorum Says:

    I say Ozark Howler.

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