Front Porch View

Here is another view of that grassy slope I noted in the earlier post. This image is looking to the SE, so the grassy opening in the prior photo would be to the left of this scene.

Making the assumption that we will have solved the leakage problem of Lake Marguerite, all of that bright area beyond the two green cedars will be lake water, perhaps five feet deep just there.

This will be the view from the front porch of the manse we will someday build at Roundrock. Actually, I don’t envision a front porch so much as a front patio with a sweeping view down the hillside to the blue lakewater. I will probably do a lot of trimming work to the trees around here to allow a picturesque view of the lake as well as a picturesque view of the house from the lake. Yeah, I have it all figured out.

The house I envision will be built into the hillside, much like an earth-sheltered home or an earthship. I’m not doing that deliberately because of the energy-saving qualities — though that is a bonus — but because there is so much slope just about everywhere that has a lake view, that I figure I must work with the slope rather than resist it. I don’t want to have one of those houses that rises four stories above the ground on one side simply because the ground drops away so sharply there. (Imagine cleaning the gutters at that altitude!)

In fact, the house I envision will probably only have one floor, maybe with a few steps here or there just to accomodate the vagaries of the slope. (Though in my mind I also see a tower with a spiral staircase leading to the den at the top.) The entire south side will be windows to capture the heat of the winter sun (and the trees in leaf will block the heat of the summer sun). I’ve pictured it all, down to the colors of the paint on the walls and where I will place all of the glass art I will purchase with my lottery winnings.

When it is all built and operating smoothly, I’ll have all of you out for a visit. We’ll have a good time then. But until that time, I hope my posts to this blog will suffice.

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  1. Ontario Wanderer Says:

    I look forward with pleasure to our visit. I forgot, do you have ticks there too? During my last few warm weather visits to Kansas I have been attacked by ticks. They only went after dogs when I was growing up but now they like me. Perhaps with your lottery winnings you can save a few dollars for tick repellant.

  2. FloridaCracker Says:

    Well, the odds of Lake Marguerite filling and holding water are a lot better than the odds for winning the lottery, so that should happen first. That will give the lake time to stabilize while you wait for the lottery odds to bend in your favor. This sounds like a solid plan.

    I envision those cedars bedecked with Christmas lights, controlled by a remote next to your roundrocking chair on the patio.

    Should be an excellent place for launching bottle rockets and roman candles on the 4th of July also.

  3. Hick Says:

    Wowsers! I love your ideas and I can’t wait to visit. I’ll bring a good California wine to share.

  4. dread pirate roberts Says:

    i’m sure some of us would come and camp and add labor to build your house. hope you get it together before i get too old for that sort of fun.

  5. Walter Jeffries Says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes *Walter does a little dance of joy*
    Another earth-sheltered aficionado!!!
    Dig in and let the warm tempered arms
    of the earth enfold you in their embrace…

  6. the farmers wife Says:

    Great plan. I’ll tell you the dreaming and planning and plotting and configuring is the best fun. Your posts always interests and I love to dream along with you. As someone said…the journey is the thing.

  7. the farmers wife Says:

    Oh….and I light a little candle and meditate on water in Lake Marguerite.

  8. Tjilpi Says:

    Pablo, if you are planning on retiring in your Earthship I would try to keep the number of stairs to a minimum. Flat floors are much better in old age. Trust me. I would hate my visit to be a House Call for a fractured femur.

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