Peregrine afloat


Peregine, the wonderful name bestowed on this log by the Queen of all Blogs, floats! When we were last out at Roundrock and the lake was just a foot or so below full pool, Peregrine had taken leave of its post on the muddy bank on the south side of the lake and was waterborn again.

Peregrine began its life in the burn pile that wouldn’t burn in the early lake bed. It was part of a stump in the pile that would have risen above the water level, and I didn’t like the prospect of that. So I cut the stump just above the root wad and then tied the top of it (the future Peregrine) down into the burn pile that wouldn’t burn.

A year or two later, when the lake had filled itself and was beginning to recede, we came upon this log washed up on the muddy bank. It had a bit of rope around it, so I knew what it was from. Since it clearly wasn’t going to stay in the burn pile, we decided to let it be a floating feature of our lake. It would be our own Old Man of the Lake. Other than a brief float last year, Peregrine has been waiting on shore for the chance to wander again. And so it has.

Peregrine was hugging the shore when we passed. In fact, it seemed to be mired in some other flotsam, so I gave it a nudge with the toe of my boot and sent it out for deeper waters. Note the trail of flotsam it is leaving behind. And notice the attempt at photographic artistry as I have the leading end of Peregrine already leaving the picture. (You’re supposed to get a sense of movement from that.)

Should Peregrine still be in or near the water when swimming time comes, I plan to push it to the other side of the lake just to see how it might wander from there.

Missouri calendar:

  • St. Patrick’ Day
  • On warm days, watch for water striders on streams.

Today in Missouri history:

  • Jim Bridger, considered the greatest of the “mountain men” was born on this date in 1804. He grew up in St. Louis and retired in Kansas City and saw most of the magnificence of the west in the years between.
  • Outlaw John Younger is killed in a shoot out with Pinkerton agents in Roscoe, Missouri on this date in 1874.

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  1. Rurality Says:

    Heh. She gets around.

  2. roger Says:

    she peregrinates.

  3. FC Says:

    GO LOG GO!

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