Seeking shelter


Sorry I don’t have a matinee for you today as I have on recent Saturdays. It seems that my camera takes movies in a format that makes them large files. Some of these have been too large to upload to the Yahoo video service (or the YouTube one). I do, however, have a bit of software on order that will smoothly compress my zaftig videos and make them more manageable.

The shot above is of the shelter tarp as seen from the vantage of one of the comfy chairs beneath it. The dark band running north/south is a seam in the fabric. The line running east/west is the ridge line on which the tarp rests. The last time I rebuilt the tarp shelter, I made sure that I could tighten the ridge line more easily, thus allowing me to snug up the arrangement to keep the tarp taut and so better able to withstand the weather. Given all of the snow and ice that has fallen from the sky in recent weeks, I hope my plan has worked. (It’s been more than a month since I was last at Roundrock!)

Three of our four children (two with spouses) have scattered with the winds. Our daughter and her excellent husband are back in their cozy home in Oregon. Our youngest son and his lovely wife are in their cozy apartment on the wind swept plains of western Kansas. His twin brother is returning today from Florida where he attended the Orange Bowl (it’s some sort of sporting event). Only #1 Son is still with us, and that’s fine. The turmoil in Kenya seems to have grown worse rather than better, so his return there has been put off again.

We have shelter here for as long as he needs it.

Missouri calendar:

  • The Missouri Natural Events Calendar is blank for today.

Today is Missouri History:

  • In 1917, Sarah Jane Mayfield is born in St. Joseph, Missouri. She is later known by the name of Jane Wyman.

4 Responses to “Seeking shelter”

  1. FC Says:

    Nice that they were all together with you and Libby tho.
    Are we seeing daylight through that tarp?

    Surely the snow that keeps you from RR bodes well for future lake water.

  2. karl Says:

    i bet your extension with your #1 son is just fine with you?

  3. kim Says:

    another great image 2day. way cool.

    gee golly, pablo, windows based computers come with that sort of software already installed. and lots more free stuff is available for downlosd, dependin’ on the details yer lookin’ for.
    i’ve heard that people not directly owned by mr jobs also write software for that other system., seems to offer a favorite of many users. i still think yer best bet would be converting to high grade flash.

  4. pablo Says:

    FC – Yes, I’m looking toward the sky in that shot, and yes, the tarp is getting a little worn. I’m hoping the lake got a little recharge.
    Karl – I’m glad he’s staying here, even if it will only be a month or so. He insists that the trouble over there is all tribal and Westerners are safe, but in the mayhem I suppose anything could happen.
    Kim – I’d much rather suffer a little inconvenience rather than use a PC. Plus, I don’t know anything about all of that, so I rely on my tech monkeys.

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