Turtle under a log post

turtle under log.JPG

This is a photo I took on one of my solo hikes about Roundrock earlier this month (I think — Hal will correct me if I’m wrong). There’s nothing special about it. Just a turtle under a log. But I’d swear that it gave me a “Get Lost” look when I paused beside it. It sure seemed annoyed that I was there. What could it have been doing?

This turtle was a bit smaller than the size we usually see in the forest. I get so used to seeing the same sized turtle that I begin to think it’s the same turtle each time, just one that gets around the 80+ acres a lot.

So seeing a turtle of a different size reminds me that there is more than one at Roundrock.


Don’t forget that tomorrow is International Rock-Flipping Day. Go to the link to find out more about it, then get out there and flip some rocks! (Be sure to replace them when you’re finished.)


The Festival of the Trees will be delayed until tomorrow. If you went to Raven’s Nest today to find it, don’t worry. It will be up tomorrow.


Missouri calendar:

  • Ospreys begin fall migration.

2 Responses to “Turtle under a log post”

  1. robin andrea Says:

    Nice turtle. Almost of the critters in our yard give me that “Get Lost” look. Except for the heron the other day who barely noticed when I walked toward the pond clapping my hands and saying, “Go on, get out of here.” It finally took off and flew all of ten feet away. Cheeky.

    We’ll be flippin’ rocks on Sunday.

  2. FC Says:

    How can I work a very long ladder into this flippin day … hmmm.

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