traveling tarp

tarp 1

This is where the tarp spent most of the winter. I placed it there to squelch the grass and weeds there were coming up in this area that I’d prefer be exclusively gravel. (You can see the lake at the top of the photo, which is why I don’t use herbicide on this area.)

The tarp method of green plant eradication is more effective in the growing season, and that’s why I left the tarp in the same place for so long; winter ain’t the growing season.

But on my last trip to Roundrock, I decided to move it to a new area of upstart greenery in my gravel. Here is what I found beneath it when I pulled it away:

tarp 2

Plenty of dead grass, and plenty of leaves as well. I don’t think I would have left those leaves there when I laid down the tarp (although I may have). Maybe little critters brought them in?

I moved the tarp closer to the cabin this time:

tarp 3

It should do the job well here, and more quickly, so then I can move it again to a new place. (Everyone needs a hobby, right?)

This tarp has been a workhorse around the area. We’ve had it since before the cabin was built. In fact, it was our shelter tarp for several seasons, more or less rising right where the cabin stands today.

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  1. Mark P Says:

    I can’t believe your tarp has lasted that long. Ours start to show sun damage within a couple of years and before long they’re starting to turn to shreds.

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