This photo is a close up of the back of one of the comfy chairs at the fire ring at Roundrock. I don’t think I’d ever noticed this pattern of gnawing on the side of it.

Some critter went to a bit of trouble to gnaw on this part of the chair. This is the back, as I said, and the side, and it’s nearly three feet above the ground. The critter would either have to perch on the arm of the chair to do this or exploit the chair when it was in this unfortunate state:

drunk chair

Actually, that doesn’t look like a better angle for a gnawing critter. The part of the chair that is gnawed on is protected by the grill (on the right of the ring, barely noticeable).

In any case, my guess is that Libby or I had handled some food (perhaps ground beef or a sausage) preparing it for cooking on the fire and touched this part of the chair. The grease then attracted the critter, who made a thoroughly non-nutritious exploitation of the plastic.

We have fourĀ of these green chairs, and they are worth talking about. We’ve had these longer than the many others of their kind that have come and gone. They have outlasted the others by holding together despite the bitter winters and searing summers for longer than the cabin has been standing. They were a gift from our friends Todd and Tracy years ago, and I think they’d be surprised to learn the chairs are still around and giving us good service.

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