Landed log


Apparently I did not do such a good job of liberating Peregine (the traveling log) and setting it adrift in the lake. (See here for the backstory.) The lake level has diminished since that day, and poor Peregrine is back on shore, looking forlorn. In fact, it looks like the log didn’t travel at all but just floated in the water in the same spot until the inevitable receding could let it rest on the mud again.

Well, there appears to have been a lot of rain in the Roundrock area this week, so maybe Peregrine is afloat again. If not, I’ll need to be sure to give it a hefty push into the deeper water next chance I get. It’s been too long on the land.

Missouri calendar:

  • Bats bear young this month.
  • Venus meets Saturn in the western sky in the hour after sunset.

One Response to “Landed log”

  1. rcwbiologist Says:

    You need to figure out a way to mount a water-proof remote camera on Peregrine. Set the camera to go off maybe once a day when it is traveling around the lake. Can you tell I’ve got remote camera on the brain?

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