In a sort of disgusting way, this is appealing. I don’t know why the algae in this photo doesn’t come across as bright green. It certainly was in person when I stood on the shore of the lake to take this shot.

This is, or course, algae that had grown lushly in the weeds that had been flooded when the lake reached full pool earlier. I’m not sure why we’ve had such an algal bloom this year. Maybe the heavy rains that filled the lake also washed plenty of nutrients down from the hillsides. Or it could be that my neighbor to the north had fertilized his field heavily. (He’s growing wheat there this year, and I think it’s about ready for harvest, so maybe he’ll put in another crop yet this season.) Part of the drainage for that field leads to my lake.

In any case, great mats of algae are floating just below the surface of the lake. And along the edges, where the water has obviously receded, the algae has been left hanging around, preparing to die and turn black. I’d like to think that all of this living and dying in my lake is working to plug the leaks in the bottom, but I suppose that is wishful thinking.

Despite the scuzz, if the stars had aligned properly on recent visits, Libby and I would have swum in the water without hesitation. But it was the temps, not the scuzz, that kept us away. Surely next time we’ll be able to slip into this green water. Anyone care to join us?

Missouri calendar:

  • Prickly pear cactus blooms
  • Canada goose molt is at its peak.

4 Responses to “Scuzzy”

  1. roger Says:

    photos don’t always show the colors properly. true for film and for digital. the darkroom is the place to adjust film colors. photoshop is the place to adjust digital colors. don’t be shy. bring out that electric green algae tone. just don’t be putting water in the lake.

  2. FC Says:

    Hey! That looks like my dog water bowl :)

    I hope you get to swim on your next visit.

  3. robin andrea Says:

    Do you ever worry about swimming in the lake knowing that it may contain fertilizer from your neighbor’s drainage? Maybe because I am weirdly sensitive to things, that would not appeal to me at all. Is your neighbor using organic fertilizer?

  4. misti Says:

    You can almost smell it, the mixture of freshwater, algae and swamp smell. Love it! :)

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