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stomach clinic

Even the blog itself now must become subject material for the blog. Sad times I’ve descended into. Sad times!

Here is the very first post I made to Roundrock Journal, back in 2006. I was being coy then about our identities. Not sure why that was important to me at the time.

Nine years ago today I wrote about the primary overflow drain in the dam. The outlet looks much different now since I’d had some expensive work done to it a few years ago to stop the erosion too close to the base of the dam.

Eight years ago I was lamenting, and then not lamenting, the state of my pecan plantation. (Good thing I found some acceptance of the thing given its “progress” through the years.)

I touched on this and that in my post of seven years ago today.

Six years ago I gave the first half of an account of an unsatisfying visit to Roundrock. Right now I’d be happy even for an unsatisfying visit.

Interlopers, that perennial “problem” I have in my forest, were the subject of this post five years ago.

On this date both four and three years ago, this humble blog was on its Great Hiatus.

Two years ago I was rambling and cursing my fate in general. Nice photo though.

Last year on this date I was musing about the red buckeye I’ve planted before the cabin. They were looking sad then (as they probably are now), but I was hopeful.


The photo above was one I took in Nairobi many years ago. It was at a restaurant serving people who were between trains at the nearby station. The restaurant was packed, as I recall, but my son advised against a Western stomach from eating there.

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  1. Vickie Says:

    I like the revisiting of your posts. And considering your son’s comment about Western stomachs not eating there, I would be tempted to think the eatery’s name rightly should be The Stomach Clinic Restaurant.

  2. Carolyn H. Says:

    Good idea about revisiting posts from our “earlier years.” I’ll have to give that a try before long!

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