round rock

It hasn’t really been that long since I’ve been to my woods, but in the interval I’ve been to Portland, Oregon and to this exotic place called Springfield, Illinois. I was hoping to get out to Roundrock this weekend, but that’s not looking likely. I have a 5K to run on Saturday evening (!) followed by flowing beer (for rehydration purposes, of course) and a free outdoor concert (of music I probably won’t like until I’ve rehydrated enuf). Even though it is only a 5K, I want to be rested for it, so I won’t go to the woods before this on Saturday. And then, depending on how long the concert (and the company) keeps me enthralled, I may not want to rise early to go to the woods on Sunday. Or maybe I’ll want to rise early to grab some long miles. It’s so hard being me anymore.


Actually, I’ll probably be driving to and from the Kansas City airport on Sunday (nearly an hour each way) since #1 Son is catching a plane to Zanzibar (!) then. He’s hoping to reconnect with an old friend from his Peace Corps days in Kenya, and I wish him well. Depending on his departure time, I may still be able to get my long miles in (before the heat of the day), but I certainly can’t squeeze in a trip to Roundrock (two hours each way).


That round rock you see above sits on the retaining wall (duh!) behind the cabin. Nearly every time I go out there, I find the rock on the gravel behind the wall. It’s hard to believe that the wind could push it there, and anyway, the prevailing winds would push it the other direction. So is some critter giving it the heave-ho? Some interloper? It’s one of my finer round rocks, not completely spherical, but with a smooth surface that I don’t see often.


Nine years ago, I was waxing lyrical about blackberries. This humble blog wasn’t even two months old then.

Eight years ago, I gave an in-depth look at the enemy. Nice photo in that post!

Seven years ago, I was once again talking about blackberries. Must be a seasonal thing.

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Two years ago, I had fallen victim to less frequent posting, so there is nothing on this date then.

Last years, I was feeling blue.


3 Responses to “whatever!”

  1. Vickie Says:

    It was great reading those posts! I’m looking forward to lots more Roundrock blogging!

  2. robin andrea Says:

    I like the idea of linking to old posts from the same date over the years. That could easily become a new meme!

  3. Mark P Says:

    Just how hard is it to roll that rock over the edge? I would like to see an explanation for “The Case of the Rolling Rock”. Game cam perhaps?

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