added to the chores

rug 1Add, now, to the long list of chores at Roundrock sweeping the rug in the cabin.

The floor of the Cabin at the End of the Road is made of concrete. That’s easy enuf to keep clean with a broom. But soon after we’d built the cabin, my mother was moving out of the old family home and was discarding many things. Among the items I scored was the braided rug you see in the photo above. It fits nicely in the open space, and it is soft on the feet after a long hike in the rocky Ozark woods, but it’s hard to keep clean in a cabin that does not have electricity to run a vacuum sweeper. We had some frustrating success by sweeping it with the broom, but that seemed to drive as many leaves and debris into the braids as it did from the braids.

Somewhere Libby got the notion that the little brush sweeper you see might do the job. It’s the kind of thing you often see at restaurants, doing a quick clean up under the table that recently hosted a family with little children. I was skeptical. I’d never seen these things do much of a job in the restaurants on carpeting with an even pile. How was it going to work on the uneven surface of a braided run? One that not only had two humans tracking in all kinds of forest bits, but also two dogs (who also shed hair by the sweaterful).

So on our last trip to Roundrock, we took along the little brush sweeper and I gave it a try. Turned out that the thing worked really well.

rug 2

I had to work on the rug for a long time, making several trips out of the cabin to open and empty the sweeper, but this was the first real cleaning it had received in the several years the rug has been on the floor there. And, I’m pleased to say, the sweeper also picked up plenty of dog hair. Not quite enuf to make a sweater, but a good start at one. (Cleaning the dog hair out of the brush on the sweeper was not easy, but I rose to the challenge.)

This brush sweeper does not work as well on the concrete part of the floor, but we have a broom for that. So now I have another chore to add to the ever-growing list of them at Roundrock. But it’s a satisfying one.

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  1. Vickie Says:

    Nothing better than a satisfying chore! Love the braided rug; it’s beautiful.

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