Why is it that you hardly ever see any green cars on the road anymore? I don’t mean those muted olive greens that look more like brown, or those bright kelly greens that look like a running shirt. No, just good old honest green. Look around next time you’re out. You just don’t see them. Do they only come out in the spring?

We finally made it down to Roundrock last weekend (after some pre-dawn treadmill work to get my run in). This was our first visit in March, which is just criminal. (But I have secret plans to deal with that.)

As often happens when we fold ourselves out of the Prolechariot after the nearly two hours of driving to get to the woods from faraway suburbia, we steered our feet down to the dam to see how the lake looked. (Sad, in a word.) But something was emerging on the top of the dam. The thing you see in the photo above. It’s grass! And it’s green! I remember this color from old posts and history books. It seems that green is returning to the Ozark forest.

I actually got down on my stomach to take this photo, which is something I would never do any much later in the season since I would be hosting thousands of chiggers very soon after. (So far, no sign of personal infestation.) The green was such a novelty and delight that I got up close and personal. And I even trusted my unreliable camera to take this macro shot. (Acknowledgement: the fault with the camera may be completely in user error rather than the equipment itself.)

There were hardly any other signs of the greening of the Ozark forest though. I looked for it, but like the green cars, just about all I saw was the olive green of the many cedars, and I did a pretty good job of liberating several of those while I was there. But I think the seasonal corner has been turned. The birds certainly seemed to think so while we were there.


For many years, Libby and I had two green cars, and they both had a brown contrasting band along the bottom. Now we have two red cars. Next time I going for that screaming blue!

3 Responses to “emergence”

  1. Mark P Says:

    I had a dark green VW for about 11 years, but no green now.

    Pablo, it’s not you, it’s the camera. As hard as it is to believe that even good camera companies produce bad cameras in this day and time, it still happens.

  2. Vickie Says:

    Glad you made it to Roundrock and that you’re seeing green there! I drive the very generic silver car but once had a red one. Never a green one. I hear we may see a little white today.

  3. robin andrea Says:

    Car colors are like fashions, they come and go. There are many colors from the 50s and 60s I never see anymore. I think it may be the kind of shiny paint that was used back then. Not sure. When we drive out of town we pass a funky car repair place. For years they have had a pink Volkswagen convertible sitting there in disrepair. I can’t tell you how much I want that car!

    Nice to see the greens of spring emerging in your woods.

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