fallen forest face

fallen face Another casualty of the winter wind storms was this mask we have on a tree near the cabin. The mask is made of wood, and I suppose it was intended to be on some indoor wall. It has no proper bracket on the back, so we passed some wire through its empty eyes, across its nose, and used that to hook it on the nail I put in the tree. Often we’ll find the mask turned upside down but still on the tree. Occasionally, we find it on the ground. And we just put it back in place. faceWe actually have about a half dozen masks around the cabin, hanging on trees. This one is the most colorful; the others tend to blend in as though they are watching you secretively. Some of them have been gnawed on by critters, but for the most part they remain unmolested, and aside from this tri-color mask, remain where we put them.

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  1. Vickie Says:

    Gosh I really like the idea of the masks you put up around your place. Very creative!

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