confiscated ladder

Part of the spoils I gained from confiscating the fallen deer stand was this very sweet ladder. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I’ve laid my hands on it.

Actually, I’ve left it propped up here prominently in case the builder/user of the defunct stand decides to reclaim it. But it’s been there more than a month, and there’s been no sign of anyone wanting it back. (The lumber I salvaged from the stand is on the ground — off the ground on bricks, actually — near the fire ring, so if the original “owner” does come along, he/she could reclaim all of that too.)

Actually, the thing is pretty heavy, so it’s not like I’m going to trudge deep into the woods with it so I can peer in some up-high tree cavity. But there are a lot of low, dead branches on the trees around the cabin that need trimming, and since I now have a pretty sturdy ladder nearby, I can get that job done (should motivation ever strike).

I think I mentioned before, though, that I may use the ladder parts in the sawbuck I want to build.

So you see my dilemma. I can’t build that sawbuck until I get those branches trimmed. But I’m more interested in the sawbuck than trimming branches. So I sit in the comfy chair and think about something else.

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  1. Mark P Says:

    That’s quite a sturdy-looking ladder, not at all like the scary contraptions I have seen near deer stands in the woods where we live. Yours looks like the builder actually felt like he had something to live for.

  2. Vickie Says:

    Speaking of trimming branches, mother nature took care of that in the most recent snowstorm. Ha! Lots of cleaning up to do. And one struck my car, which I have to keep in the drive, and broke my windshield. Safe-lite replaced that for me this morning right in the drive. Amazing advances in car repair!

  3. Carolyn H Says:

    That is a sweet ladder. I hope you get to keep it. I never find anything good like that!

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