part of the pack

I understand that dogs like to rub themselves in foul-smelling things as a way to hide their own scent and thus be better integrated with their pack. On our trip to Roundrock on Sunday, Queequeg found some fresh coyote poop and eagerly rubbed himself in it. He managed to do a thorough job before either of us could get to him to stop him.

Needless to say, his pack did not approve of his attempt to integrate. The poor guy had to sit tethered in the back seat on the drive home (he normally sits on Libby’s lap), and he got a bath just about as soon as we got there.

He’s clean and fresh smelling now, but I know his little mind is anticipating his next trip to the woods and what might be done. Evil little genius.

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  1. Vickie Says:

    Oh my. Queequeg looks like he did indeed, ahem, integrate himself. In our neighborhood, I’m a firm believer of poop scooping but apparently many other dog walkers are not and every time I walk my dog he has to stop and sniff every stinkin’ pile along the way. I have to keep a close eye he doesn’t try to, uh, integrate himself.

  2. Carolyn H. Says:

    And he looks like such a sweet, dainty little dog, too

  3. Mark P Says:

    As a dog owner, I know this thing. I had a dog once, an otherwise very smart one, who rolled in cow manure and had to endure a bath in a cold mountain stream. And then she went out and immediately rolled in cow manure again.

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