restored (mostly)

I knew we’d had rain down Roundrock way in the weeks since we had last visited, at least according to the weather maps. But I hadn’t realized how much rain had fallen in the watershed until I stood on the cabin porch and saw my lake almost completely full again!

What a delightful sight! Compare what you see there with what you see here. The water directly below the cabin is probably over my head right now, and more rain is expected this weekend.

The water was still about three feet below the lip of the overflow drain, and there was no sign (flotsam) that the water had risen that high, but a couple of good rains could do it. It’s not that I want the water to overflow, but I am glad the little fishies get this recharge. It gives them more space to live in, more depth to stay warm in when the serious cold comes, and it has washed a lot of nutrients into the lake to feed them.

I’m also glad the lake is this full just before spring and its (I hope) inevitable rains. Queequeg took me on a walk below the dam when I was out there on Sunday, and while there was a trickle of water coming from under the dam, it was not the kind of flow I would expect from this much back pressure. Maybe that application of Bentonite Seth and I made last summer has made a difference after all.

The temps topped 60 degrees when we were there, but we didn’t go swimming. Instead, I took a nap. Just what I needed.

7 Responses to “restored (mostly)”

  1. Vickie Says:

    Woo-hoo! Nice to see all that water in your lake. Lovely photo.

  2. Ontario Wanderer Says:

    One of our ponds, the shallow one, is full but the other one still looks poorly. The good news is that we have not run out of water in our well since December. That being said, I take all of my showers at the gym in town and we do not wash clothes any more than absolutely necessary.

  3. Annie Says:

    Yay!! so happy that your pond is almost full again!

  4. Pablo Says:

    Vickie – It was nice to see. More rain this weekend too.
    OW – Or not take showers at all? With all of my running, we’re doing a load of laundry a day now.
    Annie – Um, it’s a lake.

  5. Scott Says:

    Great to see your lake up. With rain coming again looks like our drought is over.

  6. Annie Says:

    Sorry! Lake!! hey, I’ve been sick. I’m still feverish. LOL!

  7. robin andrea Says:

    Great to see the comparison photo and the lake so full so quickly. Yay!

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