fish structure – revisited

More than seven years ago, I wrote about this cedar skeleton that sits in the lake bed out at Roundrock. It’s hardly changed in that time. (Actually, I suspect it might not be the same skeleton, but I don’t remember having two of these in my lake. Hmmmm.) What’s also hardly changed in seven years is the leaky bottom of the lake. Two photos across all that time, and still the same problem. Sigh.

The point of this, of course, it to provide structure for the fish that (presumably still) live in my lake. Little fish tend to hide from predators in things like this, and big fish tend to hang out near these, to eat the little fish.

When the lake was new and not yet filled (and in many subsequent not filled periods) I got busy creating structure for the fish. Mostly it was stacks of rocks near the shore. As the water receded, I found that most of those stacks of rocks had tumbled. I don’t suppose that is so bad, but why did that happen? Surely all our swimming didn’t involve kicking them to pieces. And surely the rush of water into the lake bed on rainy days couldn’t have done it. (I mean, what rush of water after all?)

So it’s a mystery I’ll have to ponder as I sit on the shady porch or float in the lake.

3 Responses to “fish structure – revisited”

  1. Carolyn H. Says:

    I suspect that water moves more than you think. A Taoist might say that water will overcome whatever is rigid and hard, like a rock.

  2. Vickie Says:

    Well I’m glad you’re watching out for the fish. As for the fish, I would surmise Carolyn is correct.

  3. Vickie Says: for the rocks, I think Carolyn is correct.

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