erosion control needed

This isn’t the greatest photo I’ve ever posted here. In fact, it’s pretty bad, but then what I’m trying to show ain’t that great to begin with.

What you see is a part of the lake that would be — in a perfect world — under water, but given that the gods once again seem to hate me, we haven’t seen much rain in this part of Missouri since the spring. Thus the lake has fallen and exposed this part of the bed. (Note that’s Flike in the weeds at the top of the photo to give you some scale.)

What rain we have had seems to collect on the south-facing slope and run down the road leading to the cabin. From there is pours into the lake, taking much of the road along with it. The lake bed is a big place, and it can take in what has been washing down the hill — for now. But I really would like to prevent this from happening much more.

To do that, I have to go farther up the hill, near the cabin. It is here that the water ought to be diverted to the east so that it doesn’t continue down hill south (down the steeper part of the road where it can gain speed). Part of this solution comes from improving the ditch on the side of the road up by the cabin so it can carry more of the water in it. The road slopes toward the ditch, but the volume of water often exceeds its capacity. A second fix is to build a sort of hump in the road at the point where I need to divert it so the water will not go any farther toward the lake but down the access road toward the pecans below the dam. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it.

Ironic, isn’t it, that I don’t get enuf rain to fill the lake with water but I do get enuf to begin filling it with gravel.

All of this simply requires uncounted hours with the pickaxe and a shovel. What else do I have to do, right?


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  1. Mark P Says:

    You need a skid-steer loader. When I was building my house, I found that using the loader was like taking a vacation. I drove and it did all the work. And it can do an amazing amount of a wide variety of work. You really, really need a skid-steer loader. Really. You’ll love it.

  2. Vickie Says:

    I looked to see if I could spot any round rocks and I don’t see any. Bet you already squirreled them away!

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