lingering snow

We were out to Roundrock on Sunday, but only for a short time. (We spent more time driving to and fro than we did on site.) The day was cold and seemed to be getting colder, plus there were things to do back in faraway suburbia.

But while we were there, we took a walk across the dry part of the lake bed and onto the southern shore where we found this lingering snow preserved in an area that, I suppose, remains shady throughout the winter given the angle of the sun and the tall trees. From the weather maps it appeared that a great deal of snow had fallen in the area shortly after our visit prior to this one — thus eight days before. That was good for helping recharge the diminished lake. Based on comparison of photos, I’d say the lake was up a couple of inches, but that’s an iffy judgment, reliant on tiny images on the back of my camera.

This snow we came across was presumably a remnant of that snowfall of more than a week before. It isn’t likely to melt any time soon, but neither is any rain expected to fall any time soon. The deepest part of the lake is at least six feet deep right now, which is about two feet below the suggested requirement for fish to overwinter. Still, there’s nothing I can do about it except cross my fingers and send good thoughts that way.

You may do the same if you wish.

3 Responses to “lingering snow”

  1. Vickie Says:

    Glad you got some moisture at your place. Crossing my fingers and sending good thoughts for enough moisture for the fish to make it.

  2. robin andrea Says:

    Sending good wishes your way. Hope the lake fills up this winter and spring, making the fishes and you very happy!

  3. FC Says:

    I always think good thoughts for the fishes. Light frost here today.

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