less diminished

I shared the sad photo above with you back in early September. The poor lake at Roundrock had been shrinking throughout the hot, dry summer. The area you see above should normally be about ten feet deep. Sad.

On my most recent visit to the woods, less than two weeks ago, that same scene looked like this:

That’s an improvement, and I’d like to think that my application of Bentonite last summer has helped, but it’s still barely knee deep here. I’m not complaining, of course, but I worry that the lake won’t be deep enuf to overwinter the fish that are in it.

I watch the weather reports through the week, hoping to see rain move into the Roundrock area, but it’s been dismal in recent months.

I once had someone ask me if I had filled the lake from a hose. I wish I could do that now.

3 Responses to “less diminished”

  1. Vickie Says:

    Well, that is a nice improvement, altho I know you are hoping for me. I do hope you get it; I would like to hear that the fish made it.

  2. robin andrea Says:

    It does look better, but I do hope you get some rain there.

  3. Mark P Says:

    I guess you don’t appreciate the volume of water necessary to fill a lake until your lake runs dry. We don’t have a lake, but we do have a well. We have been looking almost in vain for rain lately. We finally got about three-quarters of an inch on Monday, which was, if I recall correctly, the first measurable rain in over a month.

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