breakfast in blue

I’m sorry the posting have been sparse around here lately. I haven’t been out to Roundrock in a few weeks, and I’m sure no one wants to hear more about my running. (I have been running, a lot, but I haven’t done any organized races in a while either.) I hope to be in the woods on the day this posts, though, and maybe I’ll find some interesting things there to tell you about. (It’s become our tradition to go to Roundrock on the Friday after Thanksgiving as our antidote to the consumer culture madness of Black Friday.)

The photo above was from an overnight Libby and I spent at the cabin some months ago. Breakfast was served in our new blue bowls. Given the facilities at the cabin (no plumbing, no electricity, no refrigeration, only a propane stove and a fire to cook over) we tend to be less rigid in our preference for fresh and home made and relax into packaged foods. The oatmeal you see above came from packets. But on a brisk morning, a bowl of anything hot is welcome. In the mug beside my oatmeal is hot tea. It is Sadaf brand tea, which was a gift from our son’s in-laws, who are from Iran and have introduced us to many interesting (and tasty) foods in the last few years. They’ve since moved to some place called Los Angeles, and we only get to visit with them by phone now, but every time I drink this tea, I feel warmed by their friendship.

The blue mugs and bowls came from the same pottery studio in Kansas City. We’ve bought a number of their items over the years and have given a lot of their mugs as gifts. Potters, like all artisans, are creative and hardworking folk, and I like to support them when I can.

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, when consumers are encouraged to shop at small business for holiday gifts. Artisan studios are one of the ways I try to support local shops. And if that can enhance my time in the woods as well, everyone wins!

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  1. Annie Says:

    You’re a sweetie Pablo; thanks for the link. I am indeed tired and bleary eyed as I type this so maybe it’s coherent. We artisans truly appreciate those who support us too!

  2. robin andrea Says:

    Lovely blue bowls you have there. I like the idea of Small Business Saturday. It sounds sane.

  3. Dayna Ranieri Says:

    when it comes to breakfasts, i really love some solid heavy meal with eggs and bacon in it…

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