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screen breach

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016


Just as Roundrock Journal has been breached (this is the first time I’ve been able to get into the back end of the blog in weeks), so have the screens at the cabin. Something seems to be eating the screens on the north-facing windows.

This has actually been going on for nearly as long as the cabin has been standing, but it’s gotten more extensive in the last year. I’d tried to take photos of the damage for a while, but I’d made the mistake each time of being inside┬áthe cabin and shooting out the window, into the comparatively brighter light. Thus the detail I wanted to capture was washed out. Then, as I was bumbling along the back of the cabin one day and noticed the chowed-upon screens, I wondered if a shot looking in might work, and it did, as you can see above.

My guess is that the critter (and I assume it’s an insect) is not trying to get into the cabin. Rather, I think it is probably something that gets trapped betwixt the screen and the window and is trying (successfully) to get out. (Also, by the definition in the Roundrock Lexicon, this particular critter has become a varmint.) I guess further that it is a horsefly, and a female at that since they have mouth parts that can bite (painfully) and perhaps can chew as well.

The screens are not made of metal but rather some plastic fabric. I suppose eventually I’m going to need to take the affected screens in and have them rep